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Energy-saving Injection Molding Machine
In the production process, the product lacks glue, sometimes increasing the pressure and speed of the injection glue is invalid, why? Solution?It is because the melt glue in the production constantly takes away the heat, resulting in insufficient melt glu
Servo Injection Molding Machine
Hong speed is the brand of high-efficiency precision hydraulic injection molding machine, and the model clamping force covers 110T-530T. Committed to automotive precision parts, medical, food packaging and other industries, high quality, precision, high e
Chair Injection Molding Machine
The effect of feed port temperature on the product.If the temperature of the inlet is too high or too low, the machine will be unstable and the feeding amount will be unstable, which will affect the size and appearance of the product.
Box Injection Molding Machine
New joint lubrication structureStandard graphite steel sleeve (copper sleeve), steel sleeve, copper sleeve surface embedded solid lubricant is a non-metal anti-wear material, which greatly improves the lubrication effect of crankshaft and tie rod, increas
Washbasin Injection Molding Machine
Reasons for the white point of the transparent product and its solution.Increase the temperature of the nozzle, add cold wells, and keep the raw materials in place to prevent dust from entering.
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